Citrus Glycerine Face and Beard Soap

Lennox - 2023-06-19

Extremely happy with the results after 2 weeks.  5 stars

Branded Beard Comb

Sholto - 2023-06-02

Not bad at all. Fits in your pocket nicely for ease of travel and use.

Branded Beard Comb

Anonymous - 2021-03-14

My husband loves his comb, he swears by this comb.....

Spice Beard Care Trio

Cloete - 2021-02-08

This is a good quality product. I like the smell, has a cinnamon, spicy smell to it

Branded Beard Comb

Moveshnie - 2021-01-10

Solid item, has a nice smooth feel and look cool

Spice Beard Care Trio

Anon - 2021-01-03

Loving it

Spice Beard Care Trio

Anon - 2020-12-14

Smells spicy, delish. Fiancé loves it. Can't say it makes his beard grow, but it's much more manageable.

Spice Beard Care Trio

Bianca - 2020-11-19

My Boyfriend loves this product keeping his beard smelling fresh and oh so soft

Spice Beard Care Trio

Tyler - 2020-11-10

Great product, Oil has nice spice odor as described, Balm is really great not as oily

Spice Beard Care Trio

Byron - 2020-07-06

Hi Guys

Ok, let me get straight to the point… for the last 15 years+ I have used medicated cream on my face due to dry and irritated skin etc. Making it impossible to grow a beard as the skin would become even more irritated due to the beard hair growth as well as then the cream not being able to get the skin to offer it relief. So when I got in touch with you guys last week I was very sceptical the product would work for me, as the Wednesday before I received the product I was ready to shave my 2 weeks growth due to how itchy it was. However, since Thursday last week I have not used my medicated cream. Not once. My skin has never looked this good with no irritation, dryness or itchiness. I am overwhelmed at how well the soap, oil and balm have worked for me. My beard is softer and more manageable too. So much so, I am ready to do my next order of oil, just to mix up the “fragrances” a bit on a daily basis and also try out the citrus and basil soap. I am super impressed with clay and charcoal soap as I have never used “soap” on my face as it dries it out, but this works perfectly.


Really appreciate the advice that was offered. I know there are a lot of products on the market, but this is the first one I have tried and super stoked at the result. This is definitely a way forward for me! I have also recommended it to my brother and sister in law who own a busy har salon in PE to stock the product and retail it to their clients on the salon. So I will put them in contact with you…





Review of Nutty Wood Beard Care Trio

Schalk - 2020-06-09

Schalk recommends The BEARD BOSS Brand on Facebook:  Great product, absolutely fantastic service and amazingly quick delivery.